Hot Drinks
Hot Coffee Drinks

All of our coffee based drinks are made with the highest quality arabica beans.
All espresso-based drinks are available decaffeinated.


A shot of espresso with hot water that makes a full flavored cup of coffee.


Espresso with steamed half and half (rich and creamy). Also great with an added shot of flavor.

    Cafe au Lait  

A 16oz mug of the fresh brewed coffee of your choice blended with velvety steamed milk.

    Candy Bar Latte  

Espresso, steamed milk, and a variety of flavors stirred together in a 16oz cup and topped with whipped cream.
Enjoy any of the following: *Turtle *Mud Pie *SnickRs *Milkee Way *Almond Joi *Peppermint Patty *Heeth Bar


Espresso, steamed milk, and froth: top it off with a great flavor if you would like (dozens to choose from like Hazelnut, Pumpkin, Peppermint, Sugar Free varieties, Chocolate, and more).

    Comfort Mocha  

Your favorite hot coffee with steamed milk and chocolate sauce in a 16oz mug.


A concentrated shot of coffee brewed under pressure to produce pure coffee that's bright, bold, and topped with a halo of crema.


Velvety steamed milk with a tall shot of espresso in a 16oz mug.

    Mocha Latte  

Espresso, steamed milk, and rich chocolate with whipped cream in a 16oz mug.
Think of it like a grown up hot chocolate.


Espresso, steamed milk, and rich chocolate, topped with whipped cream in a 12oz cup.

    Gourmet Coffee  

We use only the finest Fair Trade Certified, Arabica Beans. With 6 different coffees to choose from daily there's sure to be something you'll enjoy!
*Also available by the pound Whole Bean or Freshly Ground

    Chai Tea Latte  

Available in several flavors - Vanilla, Spiced, Raspberry, and Original Oregon Chai. These tea lattes are a mix of black tea, steamed milk, and lots of delicious spices.
Be sure to ask your server about any seasonal chais that may be available such as pumpkin or gingerbread!

    Hot Chocolate  

Rich and creamy, made with milk and chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream.


A delicious choice for kids and adults of all ages!
Velvety steamed milk with your choice of our many different flavors
. Choices include things like Raspberry, Hazelnut, Creme De Menthe, Marshmallow, Caramel, Sugar Free varieties, and many more!

    Hot Spiced Cider  

Over 40 different teas to choose from. Black, Herbal, Red, Green, and White teas available.

Cold Drinks
Cold Coffee Drinks
    Iced Cappuccino  

Espresso topped with cold milk, coffee cubes, and topped off with froth. Add your favorite flavor for a refreshing treat such as French Vanilla, Cinnamon, Sugar Free Almond, or any of our other flavors!

    Iced Mochaccino  

Espresso, cold milk, and a chocolate sauce, served over our coffee cubes and topped with whipped cream.

    Lake Effect  

Our blenderized iced coffees drinks.
Available in the following flavors: *Mocha *Chocolate Peanut Butter *White Chocolate *Vanilla *Caramel *Cookies & Cream
Also look for seasonal options such as Samoa Cookie, Pumpkin, and Cupcake!

    Iced Coffee  

A glass of our gourmet coffee served over our coffee cubes. Add a flavor shot for an extra treat if you would like to!

Bottled Drinks
    Pepsi Products  

Regular & Diet - Cherry often available.


Regular and Diet Iced Teas in many flavors. Some fruit flavors available.

    Stewart's Sodas  

Old-fashioned sodas in the glass bottles. Orange Cream, Birch Beer, Root Beer, and more!

    Everfresh Juices  

Orange, Cranberry, Apple, Grape, and more.

    Bottled Water  
    Emerald Champagne  

Pineapple & celery blended with fruit juice and served over ice.

    Fruit Smoothies  

Fruit and ice cream blended together for a smooth and refreshing treat. Try flavors like Banana, Strawberry, Peach, Wildberry, and others.

    Italian Soda  

You choose the flavor combo of these chilled customized sodas, like the old soda fountain days. Try combos like Peach-Mango, Strawberry-Lemon, Blueberry-Pomegranate, - the possibilities are endless!

    Iced Tea  

Unsweetened or Fruit flavored sweetened Iced Tea.

    Protein Punch  

A complete meal: fruit, yogurt, ice, and protein powder blended together.

    Tea Zing  

Green tea and fruit puree frozen and blended together. Flavor choices include Mango, Blueberry Pomegranate, Wildberry, and more.


Chocolate or White


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