Comfort Zone carries a wide variety of 100% Arabica Coffees that are Fair Trade Certified.

All of the coffees that we carry at the Comfort Zone are carefully selected.  You won't find a single mass-produced Robusta bean in the bunch.

The gourmet coffee industry is comprised of a variety of hand picked coffees from all around the world. We buy Fair Trade coffee, which means that we are insuring the future of the coffee industry by paying the coffee plantation owners a fair wage for their product. This is not always the case when mass produced beans are sold as a commodity on the Stock market. We want to be sure these plantations are able to keep operating and producing coffee for us in the years to come. Anything else is very shortsighted and will end in disaster for our industry.

We keep coffee in stock from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Columbia, and the list goes on and on. Our Decafs are made up of either a Swiss Water process or a Co2 process, both completely safe and effective.

Buy whole bean or freshly ground coffee from the Comfort Zone.

You can get ¼ lbs, ½ lbs, or whole pounds. Not sure what type of coffee you want? That's ok! We have single pot packs too so you don't have to decide, just get a variety and try them all out. Single pot packs also make great stocking stuffers and ways to fill up a nice gift basket too. For those who plan to purchase coffee by the pound from us, we offer a frequent purchaser program so you can earn a free pound of coffee after you purchase 10 lbs.

Why buy Arabica vs. Robusta?

Arabica and Robusta beans are different in many important ways. While some may think "coffee is coffee", they are sorely mistaken. Arabica beans come from different plants than Robusta and the beans are consequently different as well.

Arabica beans are grown at higher altitudes and require higher levels of care in their harvesting. Their counterpart, the Robusta plants, are hardier and have a greater resistance to weather and disease. Consider the Arabica beans like the finest grapes grown in the finest vineyards.

Most significantly, the Arabica beans produce a different final product than those of the Robusta plants. Arabica beans yeild a milder and more aromatic cup of coffee. They possess fewer sharp and bitter tastes, and are therefore considered superior to Robusta beans by those in the specialty coffee industry.
Comfort Zone Cafe is proud to serve only the finest in Arabica beans.

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